The Banjo and the Ocean

This makes my heart swell, sets my feet to dancing.

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Catching up on the last few months which have slipped by so very quickly. I don’t think I have the ability to keep up with blogging/posting at the time being, but I will leave the blog running in case I change my mind. At the moment I’m too busy living :).

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Goals and Projects

There are so many things that I want to do with my time! It seems that my little baby O will sleep just long enough during the day for me to start things, but never really long enough to get a substantial amount done on anything. Here is what I would like to be accomplishing (although, truthfully, starting at this beautiful face while I listen to little baby babbling is a great “problem” to have!):


  • Practice more banjo (I’d love to get some of those Christmas tunes down by the holidays)
  • Cook more - I’m making progress here, but I’d like homemade awesomeness every night for my hubby. This year is the year of my domestication! Shift work messed with my domesticity :) Time to reclaim.
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (so far, so good)
  • Get the Christmas shopping done early this year
  • send my favourite lens in for warranty repairs


  • Choose, edit, and order prints for the living room frames, photo tray and photo box. Hang photos.
  • Finish the cabin photo album for Jeremy’s parents
  • Make the family yearbook for 2012
  • Arrange photo-shoot for family for this fall/winter (can you tell that we’re into photography??)
  • Paint my bedroom (maybe… still debating this!)

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Here’s to all the places we went.
And here’s to all the places we’ll go.
And here’s to me,
Whispering again and again and again and again:
I love you.
John Green (via teainthefall)

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Lists are where it’s at!

Because I like lists. They help me think. They help me prioritize. They give me an excuse to dream, or wish. Sometimes they showcase my more materialistic side (oops).

Enter my birthday wishlist.

1. A long, warm housecoat. My current robe only skims my shins, and as a naturally cold person, this is not sufficient for me.

2. A nice brown leather satchel purse or bucket purse. (You’ll notice how frequently I use them over at my Polyvore account in outfit planning).

3. This Fossil watch.

4. Any pretty eternity/circle scarf.

5. A foldover clutch.

6. A cute iPhone case - mine is falling apart.

7. A wavy hair iron.

8. Riding boots with wide calves for my big legs.

9. Money for shapewear  - Spanx, Yummie Tummie, etc.

10. This nail polish.

The list goes on… . but that’s a good start!

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Motivation - part two

On the plus side, out basement carpet smells fantastic and looks brand new. On the minus, our carpet cleaning technician asked when the new baby is due. Ouch (and awkward!). This after two months of faithfully hitting the gym; I certainly can’t give up now!

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Tall Boots

A collection of outfits styling tall boots -to remind me to keep looking for tall flat boots that fit me :).

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